November 2020 Newsletter


Veganizing the Holidays

Maybe you’ve decided to be more plant-based or perhaps you have some vegan guests joining you for the holidays this year, whatever your reason, you can easily veganize many of your traditional recipes with a few quick swaps. Here are some of my favorite vegan products that will allow you to have plant-based sides that are sure to wow your guests.
  • Butter - Miyoko’s Organic Vegan Butter - From sugar cookies to mashed potatoes and melted butter on freshly baked bread, this is simply outstanding. (Note: this is made from a cashew base.  If you need a nut-free option, Miyoko’s has an amazing oat milk butter) - Miyokos
  • Broth - Imagine Foods No Chicken Broth - With a rich flavor, certain to rival the best broths, you will not be disappointed with this swap! - Click here
  • Milk - Oatly has changed the game when it comes to plant-based milk; it’s incredibly creamy, higher in calcium than dairy milk, and a thicker consistency than nut-based milk. It’s sure to make the most amazing whipped potatoes! -
If you are interested in more specific swaps or recipes for your holiday meals, email me at [email protected], and I’ll be happy to share all my tips, tricks, and go-to's for plant-based products.

How to Celebrate The

Holidays Safely

It’s been a year of firsts: first pet, first virtual classroom, first time baking bread from scratch. Now our first Thanksgiving during a pandemic. We adapted to working from home with virtual offices and zooming family and friends for happy hours. No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays this year, there are ways to adapt, observe CDC safety recommendations, and still make it fun!
  • If you are traveling: Note the CDC does not recommend traveling, but if you do, quarantine & take a Covid test before you travel, wear a mask at all times, stay local & drive to your destination, and pack enough snacks to avoid extra stops.
  • Hosting a celebration: Limit the duration of your gathering, find an outdoor place preferably or indoor space with enough ventilation, practice social distancing, wear masks, and invite-only a small group.
  • Host a virtual holiday party: Have each household cook the same meal or have a baking contest to see whose pie looks the best. Decorate your table and set a tablet on it to be able to see your invitees. Play games like Pictionary after your meal. For a special touch, send a box with gifts ahead of time or treasured family recipes.
Whatever you choose, we want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Preparing Your Home for Winter

  • Clean your chimney - done annually, it will help save larger deferred maintenance costs. Order your wood early!
  • Check your roof - make sure no shingles are missing and no evidence of leaks.
  • Protect the pipes - make sure all exterior water pipes are insulated and all exterior hose bibs valves are turned off. Detach and drain all garden hoses.
  • Inspect your HVAC system - make sure all your filters are changed, and the system has been inspected by a licensed professional.
  • Check your smoke detectors - residential fires are more prevalent in the winter so double-check that your system is working properly.

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